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Invisible man was a novel written by Ralph Ellison. Although Ralph Ellison said he began his writing as a favor while serviced as a second cook and baker at sea during World War II. In the speech he mentions that the Rosen wood fund offered him money to complete a novel, but it took him by surprise because he had already written a novel entitled the Negro Flyer. Ellison mention that back then during the world war II Negros were excited about having the chance to fly so that bought about the concept of the Negro Flyer. This passage was about an African American flyer that was captured by the Nazis and was put in a dentition camp, where they later pitted him against other American soldiers because of his high rank. The Negro Flyer was in my opinion a bit bold novel to write at that time, although Negros were allowed to fly many African Americans were not allowed to be on the front line let alone become leaders that ran other African Americans. Ralph Ellison also mentions this in his speech and that was because Negros at the time did not gain enough support from the white supporters during that time, but he used his creative mind and wrote the Negro Flyer. Ellison started writing Invisible man in the summer of 1945 when he returned back to the states with a blood pressure at 90 percent. While residing at one of his friend’s barn in Waitsfield, Vermont while on sick leave from the Merchant Marine. In the speech he talks about how the novel began to consume him along with the