The Issue Of Gun Control

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To apply creativity to this topic we need to search for challenges not only the obvious ones, but also those that may be considered on the front of the usual questions that one asks. Since we are dealing with a city with several murders, and out of those several involve youth we need not only to look, at how the president ties this into his approach to why gun control is needed, but also the consequences of not acting. Research is needed to allow the reader to see Chicago, and Newtown as only one part of the issue, and allow them to reference every aspect, impact, and alternatives to the president’s proposal. To give a fair assessment issue of gun control the article must face the challenges, and find challenges, and consequences of gun control.

Using the strategies to promote curiosity toward this topic one must consider how each may interpret what the article says. We know that everyone is falling into three categories on gun control. These categories are “for gun control”, “against gun control”, “or do not care”. To peak the interest of the reader in this particular article we need to allow our readers to see all views of each side that allows them to see an unbiased approach from the article. Then introducing alternative views “produce ideas” that combining ideas to the issue may accomplish. Such alternative views are showing how the president is willing to work toward a combined effort to tackle this issue. The idea in this article is to give the reader several ideas to reflect on, and produce their own argument. In this article the president is trying to use Chicago as a catalyst to produce feelings that back up what he feels is something that can no longer continue. Breaking the president’s points into separate ones with a view from each side, and an alternative to this issue is how I would prompt curiosity

To use various methods to produce ideas, and eliminate bias I would need to force uncommon responses so the reader may see things from a different view. We have so many hung up on government control that they are clouded as with anything related to the government seizing control of it. We need to introduce to readers that have a