The Jar In The Clock By Tick Tock

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Tick, Tick Tock, “The Ear in The Clock” expresses life as a human beginning with the factory life, city life, life by the ocean, hardships of life, and how time runs out when you don’t... notice and death comes to haunt you. The poet from Germany Durs Grunbein wrote the poem on October in 1998. Some information about the author is, Durs Grunbein was... born.... in Dresden, grew up in Berlin, and writes poems in his rented room in western Berlin. Grunbein wrote numerous poems and translated for a variety of authors, including John Ashbery, Samuel Beckett, Henri Michaur, and others. Micheal Hofmann translates poems into English for Durs Grunbein. He has also won scores of prizes including Georg Bucher prize in 1995, Salzburg Easter Festival Literature Prize in 2000, and Fredrich Nietzsch Literature Prize in 2004. By …show more content…
The clock strikes one, someone steps outside of their home every moment, a single minute is precious and in the poem “The Ear in The Clock” the moment the second hand moves, the time you possess to determine who you are and what your future requires that day need to be decided. First poetic device to be addressed in the poem, personification “The trees, Aloof in the rain, succumbed to the din, their trucks Damaged, wearing white bandages, evidence of accidents, a weathering braille” comparing a tree to being damaged like a person. Talks about how the winds and rains can damage a tree when words and physical abuse can hurt a person. Second poetic device, metaphor “Pulverizing the shells of snails made music”, the author talks about how strange sounds change in what you hear and can be