The Jew: The Merchant And Antonio The Merchant

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Merchant Vs Jew
Yesterday, The Court heard the case of Shylock the Jew and Antonio the Merchant. The juke was going to make the final decision whether or not The Jew, Shylock was going to get his bond, and the flesh.
At the court of law in Venice, the Duke, Antonio, Bassanio, Salerio and Grassiano are gathered for Antonio's trial. The Duke begins the trial by showing how impartial he is: he directly says he's sorry for Antonio and that Shylock is an
"Inhuman wretch, uncapable of pity, void and empty from any dram of mercy."
He immediately takes the merchants side because he is also a Christian, and he doesn’t want his friend to be killed by a Jew. So much for a fair trial. Antonio shrugs this off as no big problem– he knows everyone has done what they can, and he's prepared to face Shylock's ferocity. When Shylock is called into court, where the Duke addresses him first. The Duke says that he and the whole world are certain that Shylock has only let things get this dangerous out of malice. They're all sure that at the last minute Shylock will go back on his cruelty and renege on wanting a pound of Antonio's flesh.
They even expect his mercy will extend to forgiving some portion of the debt; The court takes Antonio’s side even though he is in the wrong, as he didn’t keep to his bond, However Shylock is advised that he should give a gentle answer. Shylock says, He says he's sworn by the Jewish holy Sabbath that he'll get what he's owed for Antonio's forfeiture of the bond.
Bassanio said “this doesn't excuse how cruel Shylock is being – do all men kill what they hate?” Shylock retorts that a man would only be driven to kill something because he hated it. The two bicker until Antonio cuts them off. It's clear to him that arguing with Shylock is, as he says, as useful as asking the wolf why it ate the lamb and made the mother sheep cry.
Antonio claims nothing is harder than the Jewish heart, which nothing can soften. He'd rather they finish all this pleading