The Joad Family In The Grapes Of Wrath

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Moving from place to place can be difficult. Moving means one must leave everything behind and start new in a totally new area. The only thing one has during their move is a little piece of the home they once new. In The Grapes of Wrath,by John Steinbeck the Joad family faces the movement of home and "a new journey" through moving may be traumatizing it drives the novel onward by changing the characters initial look on life, it changes how the characters view home and lastly by using foreshadowing to depict the unknown fate. The on going journey of the Joad family is an important element because it dele opens the characters to changes their initial look on life. Looking at the beginning of The Grapes of Wrath, the characters have a naive look about the world. They do not know what people are facing. The characters simply have not gone through tough experiences. The hard journey of coming to California will give them these tough experiences that will later change their look on life. Take Rose Of Sharon for example, she was with Connie and dreaming of a stereotypical white picket fenced house etc. After some saddening events on the …show more content…
The Joad Family have many different homes in the book. Each home represented a new hardship at the time. Not only do the Joads have a new meaning to home after the journey but so do other migrant workers. Home physically to the average migrant worker was seen as wherever the work is. Home spiritually could mean many different things. The journey will always change physically where a home is but mentally it is up to the characters where they think their home is. Home to some of the characters is where their family others think of home as a more physical place. The changing homes cause the novel to have symbolism on how though the physical home may change mentally an spiritually home can be where ever the heart and soul feel it may