The Job Evaluation Process Essay example

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Answers to Review Questions

1. How does job evaluation translate internal alignment policies (loosely coupled versus tight fitting) into practice? What does (a) organization strategy and objectives, (b) flow of work, (c) fairness, and (d) motivating people’s behaviors toward organization objectives have to do with job evaluation?

Organization strategy and objectives – Job evaluation aligns with the organization’s strategy by including what it is about work that adds value and contributes to pursuing the organization’s strategy and achieving its objectives.

Flow of work – Job evaluation supports work flow in two ways: (1) by integrating each job’s pay with its relative contributions to the organization and (2) by setting pay for
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Thus, faculty need technical competence—knowledge/skills—in their chosen fields, plus the ability to interact constructively with students. Since knowledge is so important, it will probably overrule any other compensation factors in determining pay for faculty. Some faculty may want a job evaluation plan that can accommodate a wide variety of types of knowledge as well as levels of knowledge. Teaching effectiveness has become a more widely discussed issue. Thus, at most schools, knowledge would not be the only compensable factor. However, it is doubtful whether any schools actually base pay on teaching effectiveness. Other compensable factors may include ability to conduct quality research (according to pre-determined criteria) and service involvement (school, community, and professional).

The faculty is a key group of employees in the college environment. They need adequate support from the administrative staff and strong leadership to set direction for the school to ensure its financial viability. Thus, the teaching faculty (and perhaps the research faculty, depending on the school) will play a key role in determining if the school’s education mission is achieved.

Generic factors, such as the ones in the Hay Plan (know-how, problem solving, and accountability), would not be applicable as such when evaluating faculty jobs. Of these generic factors, know-how is the only applicable factor. The other