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The journal I chose is called Instructional Coaching. The authors of this interesting article are Sheila Skiffington, Sue Washburn, and Kimberly Elliot. Their article is about helping preschool teachers strive to be better teachers. The teacher(s) first had to agree with having and working with an instructional coach. Then at last the coach would observe and meet with the teacher weekly. The coach immediately notices their assignment's strengths and weaknesses.
The instructional coaches allowed the teachers to watch themselves and their students through class recorded videos. The teacher(s) was able to see how each one of the students reacted to their lesson. Afterwards, the coach and the teacher would come together and create a plan curriculum. The teacher would then apply the plan and everything else their coach taught them and apply it to their lesson plans and skills. 1Amelia, a teacher, said that using open-ended questions did encourage the children to actively participate. Amelia, a teacher used exactly what her coach taught her, which lead to a happy response about open-ended questions.
Anyway, this article tells you more about developing teachers’ skills and knowledge in their career, so that they will be able to better meet each child's need and support each individual learning style. Amelia was afraid to work with a coach at first, but then she somehow agreed to work with an instructional coach. Since, she sat aside her fear and ended up becoming the best teacher she could be. Her joining a coach truly paid off. This article provides a glimpse the instructional coaching process and the teacher-coach relationship, and it shares effective strategies to support and sustain instructional coach. (Skiffington)Now, everything I have stated pretty much summarizes this persuasive, informative article.

This remarkable journal article opened up my eyes about a lot of things. I never thought in a million years that reading a simple article would open up my mind and fill it with many good ideas that would help me in the future. This article open up my eyes by allowing me to see that it’s okay to ask for or accept help, even when I think I got it all together. I also realized that an instructional coach would be very useful to work with, when I began my career as an early childhood teacher. Obviously, the Instructional Coach article has a great, powerful impact on me as a student of Early Childhood Education. I truly would take notes and learn from an instructional coach as a student and apply it to my future class.
As I stated before, I would use the information I gathered from reading the article with young children. The information in the article helps teachers reach a potential in teaching young children that they didn’t even know they possessed. The information in the article is very valuable. It challenges teachers and teaches teachers how to increase their teaching skills, knowledge, and support system. I would totally use the information in the article with young children because it allows me to create a better curriculum plan for the children that is very beneficial…