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1. God calls us each day. A Life Calling is the collection of all these daily callings. Have I taken time today to listen to what God has already told me about my life today in his word so that I can evaluate the rest of the day by that message?

today I have not really listened to what God has already told me about my life and go by that through my day. I do know that he wants me to be focused and have this school year really go well for me so in class ive been paying really good attention.

2. Everybody has other people who are influencing them. The key to making this a valuable dynamic is taking time to evaluate what kind of influence it is and the kind of impact it is having. Who is God using right now in your life to help guide you in your search for a Life Calling?

God is using my friends right now definitely, and there’s been messages through them they have given me I think he has wanted me to hear and knew I would listen cause its my friends.

3. Everybody has unique characteristics that are strengths and assets. What characteristic have you learned about your uniqueness that you believe God wired into you as part of your Life Calling? Have you ever thanked God for these?

I think my gift is being so out spoken and so social. It allows me to get to be apart of so much and I have thanked him.

4. Who is offering counsel into your life right now? How is God using this counsel to help you understand your Life Calling?

My mom is my counsel and my boyfriend, hes suing them to show me different things in my life that are most important and the fact its coming from them makes the world difference for me.

5. What person in history has been an inspiration to you as you look at what you want to do in your life? What events in your own life have given you direction in what your Life Calling might be?

My inspiration has been my mom and the mistakes she made when she was my age really makes me see how strong she is and what I need to do to have such a great life and relationship between us. And a event would be my interest in dermatology.

6. What are you learning from your life experiences? What is working? What isn’t working? Remember, answers to both of those questions are equally important!

The mistakes I have been making show me what working and what is not. I'm learning the hard way with stuff and I have to work hard when I want something really bad.

7. Do you take time to think about what is happening in your life right now and then try to make meaning of it? Or are you already reaching for the next “spoonful” of life by your thoughts into tomorrow? What has happened in your life today? What does this reveal to you about your Life Calling?

I have been just trying to make the best of life and the things I think are meaningful I have tried paying close attention too. In my life today school has been a really big thing and a life calling is how I want to do in school so u can go to college for what I want to do when im older.

Part 1

What are my strengths?
My strengths are my ability to interact with people and to not be afraid to be out there. My ability to argue and make statements and always have a say in a way

Part 2

What do I yearn to do?
I yearn to be unique and go out and do something. I stay inquisitive about outdoor activities and being fit and getting up and doing something. Art and organizing doesn’t drain me because I love to do it
What areas of interest do I stay inquisitive about?
Areas I like are the ones I want to grow in
What activities energize me rather than drain me?
Being with friends and family
What activities make me feel strong?
Things like sports and being around groups with people I love make me strong

Part 3

How can I challenge myself to grow in my strength?
I can challenge myself by putting what I do best out there and making goals working to grow in my own strength
Could I ask someone to help me work to my