The Journey of the Human Essay

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The Journey of The Human

Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time of day to consider publishing a book that is very close to my heart. We all strive to live to our peak (as shown on the book’s cover) experiencing highs and lows as our circumstances are changing. The journey of the human is based around this understanding and is a collection of essay’s incorporating wonder and exploration as it uncovers the true understanding of ‘the journey’ and how all the journey experiences in one’s life impact and shape our own journey.

Two excellent examples of texts which portray the role of the journey in one’s life are both Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ and film ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

The notion of inner displacement has been used as an influential step towards inner growth and transformation through The Tempest and The Wizard of Oz. Prospero as the deposed Duke of Milan is a key character that Shakespeare has used to demonstrate this idea. After being banished and washing ashore on an enchanted Mediterranean island “ten leagues beyond man’s life”, we come to realise Shakespeare has created the mystical land to empower infinite possibilities as the characters are not confined by the barriers of reality. Shakespeare has textually developed the destruction and renewal of the ship as symbolic of the journey. The metaphor involving the sunken ship allows us to see the perils of life relating to Prospero’s inner displacement, and the ships renewal relates to Prospero’s transformation, inner renewal and growth. Furthermore, his freeing of his garments and throwing of his books is a metaphor for the climax of his inner transformation. All in all, Prospero’s attitude of anger and vengeful feelings have lead to his growth and realisation of his greater calling- to forgive rather than merely punish.

We learn that all the main characters in The Wizard of Oz are experiencing some form of inner displacement and discontent meaning they are not happy with who they are. “Do you think if I went with you this wizard would give me some brains?” and Dorothy’s quote “they don’t understand me at home” are a symbolic demonstration of the notion of displacement. Yet as the journey progresses the characters gain what they need to be happy, which is an example of their personal transformation.

“Just follow the yellow brick road… just follow the yellow brick road.” The yellow brick road has been used as a key symbolic technique to relate a man-made, physical object to the spiritual and inner journey that awaits Dorothy. This contradicts the book cover as it is more of a spiritual, imaginative journey rather than merely a physical one. The colour yellow has been carefully used as it symbolises the cheerful, hope, imaginative and spiritual aspects of life. All of which support the main reason for Dorothy’s journey yet are again contradicted as she encounters the dark and evil forces of the enchanted land. However, her recognition that she would rather “live there than in any other country” demonstrates her change in perspective illustrating her transformation and growth.

The assumption that you will end up in a different place from where you began forms a key aspect of ‘The Journey’. This assumption can be understood as either physical or inner, in Prospero’s case it comes as both and strongly disagrees with the idea. Prospero’s journey has been cyclical. In a way he…