The Journey To Be Another Master By Pegasus

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The Journey to Be “Another” Master
By Pegasus
How hard for an artist to be a master in one genre?As a matter of fact not anyone can be but Matisse made it. How hard for an artist to do another genre of art at twilight years and be successful?Maybe the number of them can be accounted by fingers,and Matisse is important one of them. He is the “another” master from himself.

“Henri Matisse(1869-1954)was one of the most innovative painters of the twentieth century but for the last seventeen years of his life turned to an entirely new approach to making work,cutting shapes from painted paper.”(Guidebook of Tate Modern,2014)。This summer, Tate Modern one of the best museum in London uses 14 rooms for the exhibition to take us back from the late 1930s to 1954,the time he started using cut-out slips of paper as auxiliary tools for his paintings,and to the time that use cut-outs for book designing and room decoration.

All the works of Matisse’s display with simple shapes,full of lusciously inventive color。They seem like strange rhythm that we can not catch at the first time,similar to a child dance in a quite shoddy way. Even though Matisse was a distinguished painter with high reputation around the whole world,does it mean that he can make the perfect and flawless art at the very beginning of cutting paper?Are his cut-outs borned with consummate skill?

The cut-outs were made Before 1945,the frames of them show us the objectives with very irregular outline,the story of them is very personalized. They are like that a child tells his dimness dream very capriciously. The first four room maybe let viewer merge a single room in mind,a room both for working and sleeping,an old man sat on the wheelchair in there and suffered from cancer and aliment,tried to use tailor scissor to prove that a clear mind he still had,use the rich of color to tell himself life is also lively. It was like a beginner just want to express himself,it was like a monotonous man just want to change his life,it was not like a master to create art。. But when the audiences turn to next room,the works on the wall is still colorful,still uncomplicated,but particulars are different. The shape possesses more meticulosity,the