The Joy Luck Club Character Analysis

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Every daughter acts the same as their mother, they have the same personalities as them. Same as the The Joy Luck Club. In the novel The Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan the mothers try teaching their daughters how to be innocent without them losing their innocence and suffer in life like their mothers did but they still managed to stay alike. Their personalities are very similar to each others,some are sneaky and very quiet and some are even brave and they stand up for themselves and this is all thanks to their mom.

Lindo and her daughter Waverley Jong are one of the mother and daughters in the novel that are alike. They’re both really sneaky so they can get what they want. lindo which is the mother is sneaky because she lied so she can
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An-mei and her daughter are both brave,they both know how to defend themselves. When An-mei was small her mother taught he “Your tears do not wash away your sorrow. They feed someone else’s joy. And that is why you must learn to swallow your own tears.” (217) Her mother that she was taught to hate her whole life told her that when she saw her crying at the lake and ever since then she’s been keeping that through her head even if there's a conflict in her life she makes sure to not cry until her mother died, she tried so hard to not cry but she didn’t seem to care at that point. Just like her daughter Rose didn’t seem to care after she confronted her soon to be divorced husband. When they were together they had a complex life so he decided to give her the divorce papers but that's when she confronted him and told him that she’ll be the one serving them to him because she wanted to be the one to annihilate him out of her life before he did. “That expression of his used to terrify one into stammers, Now i felt nothing no fear, no anger.” (196) is what she felt when she served him the divorce papers, full of braveness and feeling captivated all at once.

It’s hard to grow up and not act like the mother that raised you and taught you all there is to know about life. No matter how hard people try to not end up like them you still manage to receive their character traits . And that’s exactly what happened in the novel The Joy Luck Club. The mothers tried hard to raise them a different way so they won’t suffer like they did but somehow that didn’t work so well. Mothers should just try to put all their past away and if they don’t want their daughter to be like them then they should just change that about them because kids see and do the same things as their parents