The Joy Luck Club

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The Joy Luck Club Plot Summary
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The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, is a novel partially influenced with Tan’s upbringing but more specifically about her mother and the hardships they faced as they moved to America to escape the Japanese invasion of Kweilin in China during World War II. It's a disheartening tale about how a Chinese mother, who passed away due to sickness, was unable to reunite with her long-lost daughters left behind in China. The novel encompasses the ideas of struggle, a wish of a better life abroad, and sacrifice for one’s family. Things many people can relate to,
The story begins with the death Suyuan Woo, an elderly woman who was also the founding member of the Joy Luck Club. Woo’s American daughter, Jing-mei or June, is asked to fill in her position in the club. At their first meeting, June is made aware by three members on the council, who are also her mother’s best friends, that she has twin half-sisters in China. They supply her with enough money to visit her long-lost siblings. They did this as a means of giving her
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The novel gives each of the girls a chance to speak their points of view on the matter of life in the United States. Waverly explains how she grew up and her values in comparison to her mother's. Lena explains about her mother’s uncanny ability “to see in the future” and her inheritance of the ability, she also goes in depth about how difficult it was to see things before they happened. An-mei explains her troubled path, she was raised in a very strict traditional Chinese family and the troubles her daughter had not being able to find