The Joy Of Reading Superman And Me Essay

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There are a lot of problems in the world. Some problems might be poverty and crime. While many may look for universal solutions, the only people who can solve our problems is us ourselves. We make up all of society. So to help other people have better lives, we should all contribute. A common way people help their community is donation, or volunteer work. In the essay, "The Joys of Reading, Superman and Me", Native American novelist and poet Sherman Alexie tells us how he taught himself reading as a poor child living in an Indian Reservation in eastern Washington. The school system in the Indian Reservation was very careless and did not expect any of its students to succeed, due to the fact that its students were Native American. He had to independently study reading in order to achieve his goal. Eventually, he ended up going back to his …show more content…
He talked about how his childhood was "a combination of irregular paychecks, hope, fear and government surplus food.". He loves his people, so he doesn't want them to live like this, which is his motivation to help them have better lives by giving them the skills to get better jobs and manage their lives better. By teaching chidren in schools, he can be an inspiration for children to do better, and work hard to achieve the skills necessary to build a better life. Vik Muniz on the other hand would probably say that some communities would need something more. The needs of the community he dealt with were different. He gave them an outside perspective of the world and taught them the beauty of art. By selling art depicting images of the pickers themselves made out of the recyclable materials they work with, he funded the ACAMJG (Association of Pickers of Jardim Gramacho). With these funds, the association was able to buy a truck, and equipment, and establish a learning center, as well as a