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Courage, Peer pressure, Stupidity. I discovered that when I get my mind set on something I will make myself do it with all my effort. At the age of 13 I figured out that I was good at swimming. Sometimes the adventures of life show us what we are good at.
One day I was hanging out with a crazy group of friends. That group consisted of two guys one Taylor and the other Titus. I would regularly hang out with this group and we would and walk around on top of a waterfall in Tampa, Florida.
This day was different however because we decided we should jump off the waterfall. Taylor was flipping out after we came up with great idea. Titus and I were pretty active in outdoor adventures. I was honestly so scared of just the height. Taylor asked, “Which one of you going to go first huh?” Titus and I look at one another and gladly volunteer each other.
Finally I decided that I would have to go first or I would never jump off the rock. Speaking out loud I told them my decision, “Guys I will go since neither of you two will do it.” They both just laughed and said in unison, “Well our moms taught us that ladies go first!” Taking off my socks, shoes, and shirt, I prepare myself for the jump.
When I looked down at the water, the tightening in my stomach had made me so aware of what I was about to do and before I chickened out I stepped to the edge and dove. The sudden loss of air is all I felt as I fell through the air and hit the concrete water and went under. Struggling against the weight of the water pushing me down, I