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The Justification of Something Immoral

Can something immoral be right? I am an interrogation specialist and have to deal with this question all the time. A common subject comes up with this question; terrorism. According to “the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization” ( 1).Terrorism has many uses aside from extortion or blackmailing. Yes I am against terrorism, but it can be justified, it can be very useful, and it can happen without putting lives at risk.
Terrorism is bad but that does not make it wrong. Every situation has an exception. If a ruler had you imprisoned you have something the ruler wanted and you would most likely use that something as leverage to leave. Or if a villain was about to detonate a bomb and someone had to torture his wife or family to make him stop, someone like me would do that to save the innocent. Even the United States has used terrorism, such as posting videos on networks of soldiers burning bodies as a warning. I’m not saying this is right but it does help reduce the amount of resistance we face. It also may be a bit drastic but it is an effective measure to stop violence. Fight fire with fire.
Terrorism is a common way to get what you want. Terrorism would not be around today were it not for its’ effectiveness. Terrorism is used because it is an effective, but drastic, means to an end. “75% of terrorist attempts have been prevented” (FBI. 1), excluding domestic affairs. This means that 25% of terrorist attacks have succeeded. When asking for something it is common knowledge that if you use force or a greater power than the other it is more likely you will get what you want. Leverage is good for any situation. Survival of the fittest is a good example of getting what you want through force.
Terrorism is not only large-scale attacks. Most terrorism attacks are personal with very few involved. Bullying is a common example of terrorism and occurs on a daily basis. “Bullying occurs to six out of ten kids every day and goes unpunished” (bullying facts 1). Bullying is also a prime example of terrorism because this method inflicts fear with a superior force for lunch money or answers to a worksheet.
Some might say that terrorism is used by Terrorists, not common people and terrorism is not that common. To be a Terrorist you would have to have inflicted terror upon a person,