the kidneys Essay

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The kidneys are located on both sides of a humans spinal column near the lower part of the back
A tube called the Ureter is on the outside of the kidney which carries the urine to the urinary bladder.
The urinary bladder is where urine is stored before being excreted
As waste-ladden blood enters the kidney from the renal artery, the kidney gets rid of extra urea, water and waste products and takes them to the ureter. The clean blood then leaves the kidneys from the renal vain and goes back to circulation
Sturcture: The inner part of the kidney is called the renal Mudella and the outer part is called the renal cortex. The functional units called Nephrons, which are small processing units located in the renal cortex. Each Nephron has its own type of blood supply; an arteriole, a venule and a network of cappilaries connecting them. The nephrons release fluids to the collecting duct which goes to the ureter. When blood enters nephrons from the arteriole, impurities are filtered out and are then emptied into the collectiong duct. The purified blood leaves the Nephron from the venule. To purify blood, there are 2 processes; Filteration and reabsorbation.
Filteration: Passing liquid or gas through a filter to remove the wastes
Reabsobation: The process where liquid is taken back into a vessel
Urine Formation: Urine, which contains urea, excess water and salt is concentrated In the loope of Helene, The loope of Helene is where the water is conserved and the volume of urine is minimized. While the kidney works, the purified blood is taken