The Killer of Hiroshima and What Lead Up to It Essay

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The Killer Of Hiroshima And what lead up to it
POP! Is all you could here if you were in Hiroshima at the time of the dropping of “Little boy”. It was a normal day in Hiroshima the air warnings had been signaled but then canceled. The condensation in the sky was the streak of an airplane then you would loud pop then a parachute and then a bright flash brighter than seven suns is what many that have survived the atomic blast have said. The atomic bomb was the first ever bomb that could hold such devastation and destructive power, this will be a journey of why we (America) dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima then following Nagasaki, why would we America drop the worst bomb known to man till this day, was because number one is the stupidity of Japan on bombing Pearl Harbor; then the invasion plan and many generals saying how many U.S. Troops would Die ; Americas leaders knew that if we drop the bomb it would silence the war. The first reason U.S. leaders decided to drop the bomb on Hiroshima was due to Pearl Harbor. On December 7 1941 Japanese zero air craft targeted Pearl Harbor as a target because the U.S. was not giving the needed supplies such as oil and other raw materials since Japanese main land did not have any oil or resources that they needed it was mainly shipped to Japan from other countries. So when U.S. decided to cut off the supply of raw material to Japan they were not ready to go cold turkey and ration on their raw material, so they bombed Pearl Harbor however they did not hit our oil tank in Pearl Harbor and instead took out our main defenses if they took out our oil tank we would have been down for eighteen months instead right when Truman, heard about the bombing he immediately started working on an atomic bomb. The first wave of Japanese Zeros came in at 7:40 and immediately the Kaneohe air base knew something was up and announced it however it did not reach in time, and Japan had started to make its reign of hell on Pearl Harbor and after an hour of hell the second wave came in and the first retreated then came more hell for almost two hours the battle went on and for the soldiers on the ground if alive the images in their heads for the rest of their life would be their friends, brothers getting killed and blown to bits. In the attacking of Pearl harbor we had lost many brave soldiers and also out of the eight battle ships there at the time they all had gotten damaged or sold for scrap, and the only one remaining is the USS Missouri the Arizona had sunk, and now lays on the bed of the ocean floor. The second main point is that the military leaders in company with the president they agreed, the only way to defeat Japan was to invade main land Japan, in this battle five hundred thousand U.S. troops would die and this showed in the invasions of Iwo Jima, and Okinawa . Iwo Jima is an island only eight square miles long however the Japanese held it for thirty six days and almost all of the twenty thousand Japanese soldiers there only two hundred and sixteen were taken prisoner. And six thousand American, soldiers were killed and over twenty thousand wounded. So the American military leaders had a tough decision to either bomb Main land Japan or to invade. Then came the battle of Okinawa, Okinawa is a island in the Ryukyu chain, and with its air fields it was one of the most valuable island needed by the U.S. to defeat Japan. Also it was the staging ground for the Enola gay to drop little boy on Japan the battle was not supposed to last four months, however the U.S. leaders had not expected Kamikaze “divine wind” air craft and many infantry to be there. Every day many navy men were killed due to kamikaze attacks these air craft’s would suicide and dive into the ship blowing up twenty or more pounds of explosives. Many soldiers risked their own lives to help win this battle they would do heroic stuff such as stepping in the line of fire to find the muzzle flare of a