The Use Of Cell Phones Should Be Banned Mandatory Nationwide While Driving

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The use of Cell Phones should be banned mandatory Nationwide while driving

Distracted driving is one of the major reasons for car accidents. Activities that could disturb, divert or confuse a person’s attention from driving with care and safety needs to be banned by law. All abstracts and distractions endanger everyone in the car; road and anywhere near the vehicle that is being distracted. For this reasons there has been research done on distracted driving and how to prevent or lower the risk in car accidents. These types of distractions include, but not limited to is: Using a Cell phone or smart phone, using navigation systems on a phone or anything in regards to reading a phone, and the most dangerous and important texting. There is nothing more important than life itself, so leave your cell phone down until you have reached your destination or have come to a complete stop and are able to answer it without being distracted.

Using Cell phone or Smart phones while you are driving isn’t a smart move. We all know when we are talking on the phone we tend to react slower in the activities we are doing at the same time. How can we dial a phone number and look at the road at the same time, this is impossible! It is important to keep both hands on the steering wheel, well this can’t happen while using your hands to dial on the cell phone. Are minds were not made to task to mental decisions at the same time. Most adults who drive admit to engaging in engaging in distracted driving behavior, according to a HealthDay poll from November 10-14, 2011. Also HealthDay poll states a large percentage of the people said they know distracted driving is dangerous, but do it anyway(

Using the Navigation system, GPS , Internet and maps while driving has become more popular over the years. Now it is accessible on Cell Phones. As you can see another reason to ban cell phones while driving. Can you imagine someone surfing the internet and all of a sudden the car in front suddenly came to a stop. Of course surfing the internet and not watching the road results in a car accident or even maybe a fatal accident. According to HealthDay poll from November 10-14, 2011 states: Forty-one percent of adult drivers have set or change a GPS system while driving, and twenty-one percent do it more frequently. Many adult drivers(36%) have read a map while driving. About 13% of adult drivers surf the internet while driving(

Texting seems to be a very popular distraction in driving these days. If everyone had the knowledge of the serious and fatal accidents texting causes, maybe they would think before texting. Texting is the far most dangerous distraction while driving. You need your eyes, hands , and mind to be able to text.