The Kiss Glow In His Heart Analysis

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Shannon Hammer 12/3/13 Mr. M Grade 8th “The Kiss glows in his heart” These lines from the story show the outside viewers that the action of one person can change what the other person feels. The whole time the old man was talking about how freedom was not allowed and how Jesus was showing everyone that it was and ok to be free. The old man was so upset and angry at Jesus that he was going to kill him. He gave Jesus a long speech and how it was not right to be free, and all Jesus did was look him straight in the eyes and listen. The man was eager for a response or some type of anger from Jesus but all Jesus did was get up and kiss him. The man instantly changed what he thought about him freed Jesus and said to never return again. You can tell the old man was so astonished about the respectful man and that one action can change what you think. I can interpret this in many different ways to my life, but I just think that the actions from one person can change the way you think. In the story the man was yelling at the prisoner saying freedom was not allowed and telling the prisoner he was going to die. The man was very angry with the prisoner one because he would not respond but he would look at him an accept his punishment. Then the prisoner kissed him and was let go freely. This relates to me too. Whenever I get in a disagreement with someone I let them say what they feel even if they have to yell an all I do is gently talk back and solve the problem. Sometimes that doesn’t always work out but soon or later were friends again. A good example of this is let’s say one of my friend smokes and they try to get me to do it. I would tell them defiantly not and tell them they are risking our friendship because of their bad habit choices. I could change what there thinking right then and there. They could stop smoking and choose me there friend over a drug that kills. Another example is if you’re disagreeing about going to a