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Jennifer Martinez
English essay: Taming of the shrew
Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Essay question #5 Katherine and Bianca were known to be some of the most beautiful women in town. Men loved to shower Bianca with attention and compliments but, she didn’t mind one bit of it. It’s a different story with Katherine though. If a man showed any interest in her hand in marriage, she will do anything in her power to change their mind. She didn’t mind making her self seem unappealing, crazy, and shrewish. She hated the thought of having to get tied down to a man. She believed that women should be the ones to choose who they get married to and have the right to choose to get married or not. That was the kind of women Katherine was. She just wanted to live life and keep her freedom. By then a man, Petruchio, came and decided to Tame this women. Petruchio was a wealthy man from Verona. He went to Padua to increase his fortune by marring rich. Though everyone else warns him against trying to marry Katherine, he sets out to tame her by pitting his own violent temper against hers. Baptista, Katherine and Bianca’s father, told the suitors for Bianca that they have to find one for Katherine first, the eldest daughter, because the oldest always gets married first. The First day Petruchio meet Katherine, she acted displeasing, trying to change Petruchio’s mind about asking for her hand. Her actions just made Petruchio want to tame her and make her his wife more. Petruchio had a plan to tame Katherine. For Petruchio’s and Katherine’s wedding, he showed up late making the crowd of people think he wasn’t going to come. When he arrived he was wearing filthy and un-matched clothes, he also smelt like he just left the bar and also was acting like it also. After the weeding he didn’t even want to stay for the bridal party he just wanted to take Kate back to his home. Even though Kate asked him to stay, he didn’t give in he just took her and made her leave with him. When they first arrived to Petruchio’s home, he showed to be very rude to his servents, yelling at them, and striked one of the servents just for accidently spilling water. Petruchio was ready to use his second plan to tame her. When he saw the meat was over cooked he said it wasn’t good enough for either of them to eat, so he made the decision that either her or him weren’t going to eat that night, even though Katherine was hungry. He thought from keeping her from eating will be great bait for her to change her attitude. His third plan was keeping her from sleeping, how this plan works is that he was going to keep her up by complaining how the bed is made and through around the pillows and sheets. Petruchio thought this would tame Katherine, by killing her with kindness. He believed it would end up curing her wild nature. This is the only thing he could think of doing that would end up tame her. Petruchio’s servents helped out with taming Katherine also,