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Character Essay Hassan and Loyalty

In the novel The Kite Runner we are introduced to the character of Hassan who is a truly honest and beautiful person. Though he has had his share of hard times he is constantly putting others before himself. We see Hassan loyalty for Amir is constant though out his short life despite the things Amir has put him though.
Hassan unlike Amir is a selfless and joy filled person and has and undying loyalty for Amir. As Amir says “but if I asked really asked he wouldn’t deny me” and though Amir never give Hassan anything in return he continues to do anything to please Amir. When Amir tells him to shoot a dog with his sling shot, he protests, but out of loyalty does it, not wanting to hurt the dog but not wanting to disappoint Amir more.”I talked Hassan into firing walnuts with his slingshot at the neighbour’s one-eyed German shepherd. Hassan never wanted to...”
Throughout the entire novel, there was never a time that Hassan had lost his temper, not after he was raped, betrayed by Amir, had things thrown at him by Amir, or when he was teased by Amir, instead, he tried to do the right thing. After Amir plants the watch under Hassan bed when baba confronts Hassan about it he say that he stole it as he knew if he hadn’t of Amir would have got in trouble.
Hassan was always there for Amir and defended Amir with his slingshot when Assef was threatening them in the street. Hassan continued till the day he died protect Amir or a least what he had