The Kite Runner And Macbeth Comparison Essay

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Midterm Essay Macbeth by William Shakespeare is about a man named Macbeth, who is very ambitious and power hungry. Macbeth kills many people to get to the throne. He betrays many people and in return feels guilty. However, the more people he kills the less remorse he feels. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is about a boy named Amir and his childhood friend and servant Hassan. Hassan suffers a great tragedy and Amir spends his whole life feeling guilty about it. Amir seeks redemption and saves the late Hassan’s son Sohrab. Once he is safely back home with Amir, he teaches Sohrab how to kite run. In both Macbeth and The Kite Runner, betrayal aeffects Amir and Macbeth negatively at first, which then results in death for Macbeth and redemption for Amir. The act of betrayal causes both Macbeth and Amir to feel guilty. Amir spends most of his life carrying the guilt of Hassan. He realizes the extent of his mistakes for not helping Hassan when he thinks “He knew I’d seen everything in that alley...He knew that i betrayed him” (Hosseini 105). In this quote, Amir is thinking about when Assef raped Hassan. Amir knew he was in danger but he could not bring himself to interfere. Amir felt guilty and was depressed …show more content…
Amir understands where he went wrong and he wishes to fix it. Although he knows that merely saving Sohrab will not entirely make up for what Hassan had to go through, he is willing to try. Amir explains this when he says “This Hazara boy… His father meant a lot to me” (Hosseini 237). Amir has learned that Hassan was more than his servant. Hassan was his brother. Amir takes in Sohrab and treats him how Baba treated Hassan. Amir feels less guilty after he rescues Sohrab from Assef. Betraying Hassan in his early life has amounted to saving Sohrab. Before, he would have stayed hidden and not speak much. Now he is brave enough to leave his home to save Sohrab in a war-torn