The Kuwait War: Introduction And Causes

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Introduction And Causes
Duration : 2nd August 1990-28th
February 1991.
• Reduction of Oil prices due to over – production. • Stealing of oil by Slant Drilling
• Land Claim of Iraq on Kuwait’s land
• $14 billion debt of Iraq from Kuwait

Political Impact
Change of Kuwait's monarchy
Change of political situations in America after the war
Change of the political situation in the whole
Gulf region
Dominance of western powers over the Gulf region for the next two decades
Huge political impacts on the developing countries Economical Impact

Huge cost of war beared by coalition forces Destruction of Iraqi and Kuwait’s economical structure .
Huge effects on developing countries due to oil price fluctuations
Due to wars sanctions on Iraq, its economy collapsed leading to mass starvation and deaths
Negative effects on world airline industry Led to American recession in 90’s

Social Impact
Internal Displacement and

Smart Bombs (PGM)
GPS introduced
Tomahawk cruise missiles
F-117 stealth fighter-bombers
Military Revolution

Legal Impacts
Violation of International and humanitarian law by all parties.
Execution of civilians by Iraqi forces; breach of Geneva convection. Using of POW’s and foreign nationals as human shields and non registration of the same.
Controversial bombing of civilian areas by coalition forces.
Human right violation by Iraq on its own people as well as
Kuwaiti military and