the labyrinth Essay

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Clare Whitman
February 17th, 2014
The Labyrinth The labyrinth located at Boulder Community Hospital is a feature for resultant activity. It’s a peaceful area for patients of the hospital to gather, or even for people just passing by. It’s a grounded circular area made of smooth multi-colored cement that forms a beautiful design that resembles a maze. It’s about twenty to twenty five steps across in diameter and takes about 45 seconds to walk across at a casual pace. If you choose to walk along the lines of the maze it could take up to ten minutes, if you take your time. The role of the labyrinth is to make people relax, and to ease their minds. The sign placed next to the labyrinth says, “The labyrinth is an ancient meditation tool found in many cultures. Follow the path at a natural pace. At the center, pause to reflect. When you are ready, journey back to the origin.” Throughout history labyrinths have been created for a spiritual and thought provoking experience. This labyrinth was placed in the hospital grounds to relax patients who have dealt with trauma and loss. It is a peaceful place where, if you follow its designed path, will take your mind off any problems you may be dwelling on. As I walked the labyrinth, I was intrigued by its intercut maze-like pattern. It was enjoyable to follow the little paths it provided. Once I got to the center of the labyrinth, I noticed it looked almost like a flower. This is probably purposeful of the designer because I got