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The Ladies Man

The play Ladies Man was a phenomenal performance and was very humorous. This performance kept the audience laughing scene after scene. It also was very engaging and was true theatre in my words with no video and other technical distractions. This paly had a very strong structure, it was easy to follow and kept you on your toes to see what will happen next. The structure of the play is what made each scene have a good flow to the point where you didn’t see scenes, you saw a story as a whole and not scene to scene. The play overall had very strong characters that made the flow of the play seamless. Each character had great depth and each character complemented each other on stage. In example, I like the scene where Etienne and Mr. Molineaux interacted with each other after he came in through the window from spending the night on the bench. The interaction between them showed each of their roles strongly ad they complement each other without overpowering the other; they shared the stage so to speak. In general the play had credibility and intrigue because it was relatable to the time in which it was set as well as the situation going on between the characters. The play did touch on a timeless situation of infidelity, no matter what time period you’re in this situation can happen and that is what made the play relatable to the audience. Although Mr. Molineaux didn’t cheat on his wife, it was known that other characters such as the Prussian soldier Gustav did with Marie the Molineaux’s maid. The play in its entirety was wrapped around idea of infidelity and how males and females interact with each other when there are secrets held in a relationship. The actors and playwright did a good job at making such a touchy subject funny and enjoyable to watch.
I like the scene where all the characters were in a twisted search for each other in the dress shop of Seventy rue San Socui. This scene to me was the climax of the play where everything finally unraveled and all secrets and faults where realized. This is the scene where Mrs. Molineaux and Marie go to dress shop in attempt to catch Dr. Molineaux with another woman. This is also the scene where Suzanne discovers that Gustav was doing the exact same thing she was attempting to get away with Dr. Molineaux. This scene has each character finding out the secrets of the shop and finding that it is a “pleasure paradise” in disguise as a dress shop. In this scene you can see that Dr. Molineaux has now gotten himself deeper in the situation he has been trying to avoid since the beginning: at this point he tries to clear his name,…