The Lady: The Tiger Or The Monty Hall Debate

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In everyday life we are faced with making decisions. These decisions may be more serious or impactful than others. In the short story, The Lady or the Tiger or The monty Hall Debate the main characters have some decisions to make one bigger than the other. The princess is forced to make the decision to let her lover get killed by a tiger. Or let her lover get married to another and live happily ever after without her. By analysing the themes of choices it is possible to understand how these choices reflect their beliefs about human nature.
The choices humans make are sometimes influenced by their emotions. In the story The Lady or the Tiger the author says the princess is semi-barbaric. This means even though he was her lover she was willing
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In the Monty Hall Debate the host knows which door has the car. It would only make sense to switch your choice if he recommends you one. According to the Monty Hall Debate, “ Ms.vos Savant’s answer was that you should always change and pick the other door, because the chances are two in three that there will be a car behind that door.(tierney 717)” What are other people can do can influence your decisions in some situations. For example if the host shows you a door with a goat. You might change your pick or keep it. They do this because they know the host knows the answer. In The Lady or the Tiger the princess influences the man’s decision for which door to pick. As he walks into the amphitheater he turns to the princess and asks which, which door has the tiger. To elaborate, in The Lady and the Tiger it states, “Then with a quick anxious glance he asked the question: ‘Which?’ It was as plain to her as if he shouted it from where he stood. There was not an instant to be lost. The question was asked in a flash; must be answered in another. Her right arm lay on the cushioned parapet before her. She raised her hand and made a slight quick movement toward the right. No one but her lover saw… without the slightest hesitation, he went to the door on the right. (Stockton 713)” He knows the princess has the the answer to which door has the tiger. As a result he trusts her and walks to the door on the right without second