The Laptop Ate My Attention Span Analysis

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Argument and Response: “The Laptop Ate My Attention Span”
Since the development of computers and laptops, searching for and learning information can be done in the blink of an eye. Instead of having to read through an entire book, you can simply type your question into Google for a quick answer. This has made laptops staple items for college. However, as discussed in the article, there have been a growing number of problems with managing their usage. In the article “The Laptop Ate My Attention Span”, author Abby Ellen goes over such issues that are troubling the schools. She starts off by asserting that students should typically be able to use smart judgement when using technology in class, therefore, there should not even be a need to restrict
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The reason I say it is mainly for professors is because the article specifically focuses on the problems that have emerged from students’ actions and how the author, other professors and students think they should be dealt with. The purpose of the article would be to shed light on the issues that were mentioned before, to either more convince schools to work against them or to expose the amount of trouble coming from laptops. Schools need to be aware of the problems to know how to approach them. Laptops are now not only restricted to college but now are being handed out to high school students as well. Already, many teachers have trouble with managing cellphones during school and have not been able to completely solve that dilemma. With the addition of laptops, management will only continue to become more difficult. Technology has only been growing throughout the years and will keep doing so. The question is how we will address the …show more content…
For example, whether they might naturally learn quickly or not cannot be helped. However, I think each student should know when and how to act like a proper adult. As I said before, when students start attending college, just as it is assumed they have a computer to use or know how to buy textbooks, they are also expected to be aware of their own responsibilities. This includes managing their own time wisely and being respectful during class sessions. How can a student who cannot even pay attention in a few hour lecture be expected to pay attention or be respectful in front of a future boss? Whether by help from their family or by themselves, they have paid a large amount of money to come to a place where hard work and attention is vital to success. Therefore, they should know not to waste their own time and money. Still, past the distractions and obstacles associated with laptops, there are still benefits to be had from having one. For example, just by having a laptop gaining access to important information is made effortless. Laptops are also extremely convenient, as they can be carried practically anywhere and used to study outside of class. Assuming that each student will take the responsibility not to become distracted during their lectures, using laptops will hopefully enhance their knowledge and studies. Though technology will always have ways to distract its users, I think if learned to use wisely, they will be