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Wesley Robinson

Analysis of The Last Lecture The Last Lecture was an incredible insight in to the mind of someone who is terminally ill and wants to pass on his philosophies and wisdom to the world as well as leave a lasting legacy for his children to follow. Randy Pausch did a wonderful job in conveying his emotional and theoretical stance to dealing with his circumstances. The Author kept a positive perspective and did not change his principles on living just because he was dying. This story is inspiring as well as informative. I don’t think I would have done anything different if I were in his place. Although death is hard for everyone alike, I do believe that his socioeconomic position in life may have given his story more light than someone who is less fortunate facing the same predicament. This story may not resonate with every audience it finds. Being told that you have three to six months of good health, followed by imminent death is a harsh blow for anyone. What do you do with your remaining time? Where do you go? Who would you spend your time with? How do you prepare your loved ones for the life after? Many questions need to be answered and time is limited. Most people in this situation would fall into panic, or a state of desperation. Randy Pausch approached his given circumstances in a more positive way. After unsuccessful attempts to save his life, he became more focused on how he can be more productive with his remaining time and how could he leave a lasting impression on his children after he is gone. In a way, he turned the hourglass over and looked at his life backwards, recalling and appreciating all that he has accomplished with his life. Typically a person in his condition would try to live out their dreams and wildest fantasies. Randy tells us about the unconventional ways he achieved his childhood dreams such as being in zero gravity a becoming a Disney imagineer. It wasn’t about achieving the childhood goal specifically but more about how he personally conceived the outcome of his efforts to be an accomplishment. The author also shares his philosophy on how to handle instances when you hit that “Brick Wall’. “The brick walls are there to show us how badly we want something” (Pausch 52) This quote from the author describes his dedication and fortitude when trying to achieve his goals. I am impressed by his determination when he explains how he was able to get on that plane and achieve his zero gravity goal. I thought the author did a fine job in imparting his wisdom on to the audience. Towards the end of the book, the author dedicated a number of chapters specifically to his life lessons and acquired wisdom. In the same situation, I would have done the same thing. I think that anyone can offer a unique insight on life through their personal experiences and it can potentially serve as a valuable tool for someone else. The author noted that his lecture wasn’t just for his given audience but also for his kids to learn from in the future. Randy Pausch seems to have a great sense of priority. I was really compelled to how he acknowledged his wife and kids throughout the book. He really wanted the reader to understand how important his family was to him. A healthy person may often and easily neglect how precious time spent with family is. Given a short time limit on your life span can bring out the best or the