The Last Of The Mohicans Essay

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Natty Bumppo: An American Hero Today we name countless heroes, Superman, Batman, and superman are all based off of Natty Bumppo’s heroic character. When creating the film “The Last Of ThH Mohicans”, James Fenimore Cooper defines the American hero through his depiction of Natty Bumppo. The American hero is a brave, naive, and unsophisticated character of nature. Throughout the film Natty Bumppo, also known as Hawkeye, demonstrates the various traits of an American hero. The numerous traits that were displayed by Bumppo have set the precedent for American heroes of come. Natty Bumppo has had countless encounters with nature throughout the film. Instead of treating the land poorly, Hawkeye respects the land. because he knew that just being one with nature was not enough, he had to fight in order to survive. Finding the right balance was key and later became his claim to heroism. On the other hand, Major Hewyard means well but does not understand the landscape which ends up hurting him in the long run. These are the main contrasting values of Britain and America. In addition, Natty did not have to adapt to this lifestyle like the British would have to. In conclusion, Bumppo loved what he did which in the long run made it easier to succeed. It is evident throughout the film that Natty is exceptionally talented and brave. Whether he was hunting or helping someone out people admired natural talent and bravery. For example, when the Hurons ambushed the British, Natty stayed calm. He knew that showing pain was a weakness. However, by coming off strong he could also become a target, but that did not stopped him. He walked right into his enemies territory to help save Cora. When he arrived he kept walking event though he suffered a hit after hit from the Hurons. When he sees Cora Munro suffering he states “Let the children of the dead Colonel Munro go free and take the fire out of the English anger over the murder of their helpless ones.” (Mann).In this part of the film, Bumppo and Cora are in love and Natty was willing to do anything to save her. Clearly, the measures he went through for Cora were extraordinary. All of Natty’s actions can be used to show his virtues of, dedication and bravery. Natty Bumppo is naive and unaffected by the corrupt civilization around him. In the beginning of the film, when Natty was fighting he was unaware of what was going on. However as the film went on, Natty did what ever it took to save Cora Munro. For example, he went onto the Huron’s land, killed numerous people, and risked his own life countless amounts of times. Going