The Last Shadow Puppets: Song Analysis

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Ever felt left out about a joke you didn’t understand? Or even on something you know ‘bout, but you fully just don’t get? For example a comic book reference or a saying that everyone is seems to be using. I’m pretty sure you’ve answered yes to at least one of them, and we all have been there before. We sometimes need time get that “Ah Ha!” moment, for some it might be a while and for others they get it just minutes after. Regardless, we all have our ways of getting to the Ah Ha!” moment. It’s a very satisfying feeling once you have that moment because then everything makes sense to you and you link parts that relate to it and it just helps you understand other certain things that link up to what you just understood.
I’ve had so many “Ah Ha” moments in my life that it was really difficult to pick an “Ah Ha!” moment that I really enjoyed but those most recent one I had and that was so satisfying for me was when I finally understood a song. The title of the song is called Miracle Aligner by The Last Shadow Puppets. I’m not sure why but for me
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I felt like I just discovered a hidden treasure, I was so satisfied to know what it actually meant and it made me like the song even more. So basically what the song was about, is about how the singers refer this guy as a Miracle Aligner to a girl because he brings and gives her anything she needs, later on in the song they change it and make the girl the Miracle Aligner for the boy, so it’s such a beautiful song. Like I said it was a simple meaning but the way they worded some things, was a real mission to understand. I feel like the simplest things that you don’t understand are the best to find out because they give you such an “AH HA!” moment and you just can’t believe how simple it is but it’s a really nice experience to find out these