The Last Supper Frida Kahlo

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Frida’s Divorce After Frida Kahlo’s miscarriage Frida had found out her husband was cheating on her with her sister Christina. Frida left Diego and was in emotional pain. She painted the image “Autorretrato con collar de espinas” which is a self portrait of her with thorn a thor necklace.The main element is the thorns necklace sinking into her neck which symbolizes a sign of pain caused by her broken relationship with Diego. In the image there is also a hummingbird,black cat, and a monkey. The hummingbird symbolizes the end of her marriage. On her shoulders is a black cat (a common symbol of misfortune) and her monkey (a gift from Diego), that looks distant and indifferent, just as she felt treated by her husband. In this painting, Frida is wearing the traditional Mexican dress which she wears all the time now and had already become part of her own identity. …show more content…
The painting resembles a skewed version of "The Last Supper" with Frida playing the role of Christ at the center of the table. She is surrounded by an eclectic assortment of characters: Cristina's two children, a large papier-mâché Judas, a skeleton, a pre-Columbian sculpture and her pet fawn Granizo. The Judas, the skeleton and the pre-Columbian idol are three of the four characters in her earlier painting "The oversized Judas on Frida's right, dressed in blue overalls, represents Diego who betrayed her when he had an affair with her younger sister Cristina. The figure has his hands on the table as did the Judas that betrayed