The Late Show Ethos Pathos Logos

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"BOOM" "BOOM" "BOOM". That sound could be anything from fireworks to the sound of something falling from a high distance. Us humans react differently to the types of noises that are heard, but dogs react different on a whole new level than humans. On the Fourth of July or New Year's those noises are usually fireworks flying up in the air for others entertainment. For a dog, not so entertaining, this is more of a fearful type of experience for them. Dogs more or less do not know what is happening around them most of the time. Therefore, in the Public Service Announcement (PSA) "A PSA from Dogs About Fireworks" produced by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert; Stephen Colbert's presentation of pathos overshadows their presentation of ethos and logos towards explaining why dogs do not like the sound of fireworks. …show more content…
Most people, when they see a cute dog, it draws them in and makes them want to see more. This would be the pathos in the Public Service Announcement, the viewers emotions towards the dog makes some people realize why dogs do not like fireworks. Another pathos would be when the speaker introduces the dog as "Man's best friend", indicating that dogs are a go to pet for most people and usually does become a man's best friend. In addition, to more pathos is after saying they are a man's best friend then the speaker says what the dogs worst best friend is, which is fireworks. By announcing that a dog's worst friend is fireworks would give some people a little sympathy towards dog's knowing that they have probably popped some