A Brief Note On Computer Mediated Communications

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Computer Mediated Communication is a technology that has grown by leaps and bounds, it has made many advancements and improvements from school, business and the medical field.
An important trend has been the increased use of online communities. The past

decade has seen the rise of an alternative method of social support involving CMC

interfaces, which include e-mail, chat, virtual communities, instant messaging (IM), text

messaging (SMS), web pages etc. Researchers reported that CMC was used primarily

for interpersonal communications with family and friends. This interface has increased

the users’ social involvement and has assisted them in maintaining contact with family and friends, and has expanded their social network.

The development of technologies that assist students with learning disabilities

has increased during the past decade. It was discovered that those students who used

computerized technological systems improved their grades and learning skills, dropped

out less, and reported an improvement in their quality of life.

In conclusion, it appears that the use of CMC establishes a communication

method for communicating social messages, including social support, amongst both

learning disabled and non-learning disabled students. It is important to pay attention to

the process of CMC technology to students so they can receive and express social and

emotional support. It seems appropriate for all students, but necessary for learning

disabled students who suffer from social and emotional deficiency, and frequently don't receive any support. It seems that CMC usage can magnify that support significantly. In

addition to the definition of the usage types for each interface reported by the students.

Software developers want to direct their applications to student use and utilization of

the application’s social potential.

Virtual team interactions are almost always assisted by some form of computer-

mediated communication technology. A team is a coordinated group of individuals

organized to work together to achieve a specific, common, goal. Virtual team members

may be located across the office, but almost as easily across the country or across the

world, and may rarely or perhaps never meet face to face.

An advantage of virtual teams is that team members are able to communicate

collaborate, and create outputs without respect of time and space, because they are

not bound by temporal constraints or geographic location as are most face to face

teams. However, choosing the most effective or efficient communication technology for

these interactions is not a simple process and is dependent on factors such as the

nature of the team, the team’s task, the team members access to technology , or even

the experience of team leaders or team members in doing virtual work.

Virtual teams are being used by organizations. Virtual teams are also usually cost

friendly and provide a means for better distributed human resources. Virtual teams can

utilize 24-hour work schedules, because different parts of the team in different parts of

the world can work on