The Launch Of The ACS International Center (IC)

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IC formal announcement:

Through the joint efforts of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Committee on International Activities and the ACS Office of International Activities, ACS is pleased to announce the launch of the ACS International Center (IC). The IC is a curated, web-based repository of information about global science and technology opportunities. The IC connects those seeking global opportunities with the worldwide institutions and foundations offering them through grants, scholarships, internships, professional training, and more. So far, the IC has collected information on 350 searchable opportunities worldwide over 13 host countries (The US, the UK, Italy, India, China, Hungary, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, and Brazil) for scientists and engineers at 6 experience levels (high school, undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral, senior academic/faculty, and professional).

To further the mission of the Center, the IC has established a network of global affiliates who enable up to date information on program changes and newly created efforts to be rapidly disseminated. Development of the Center includes plans for discussion boards, webinars, and other mediums through which individuals with international experience can discuss and share.

To see the IC for yourself, visit or e-mail

IC 3-sentence blurb:

The American Chemical Society (ACS) Committee on International Activities and Office of International