The laws of life Essay

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December 13,2001, this day for some people, maybe it was just an ordinary day. But for me, it was the most remarkable day in my life: It was the day that, I, a twelve years old Chinese girl, who become an American resident. Remember when our plane landed on the SFO, my mind was fill with so many question marks: What should I do when I meet the new people, can I be able to get along with all those new faces, yet there was many other obstacles that I had never imagined about.
Two day after we settled down, my parents were busy to find jobs and an apartment. But the point is, they both don’t know English, so who do you think in the world would hire these two non-English speakers? My dad, who has tons of prides on himself, couldn’t tolerate these low-income jobs. He then asked my mom to go back to China (since the only reason we come here is for my education), but my mom wouldn’t let me live in a strange country alone, but I know the other reason in my heart, she really wanted me become success. So she ended up working in a Chinese market (wash dishes). And my dad went back to China, but he promised to send us $400 every month. Anyway, there was another problem, living. We soon found out that even a one-bedroom apartment had to be at least $800 per month. Obviously, we couldn’t afford these expensive apartment with my mom’s $800 and my dad’s $400. However, bad things never last long. My aunt, Litu said we could live in her house as long as we have enough income to afford an apartment.
Again, there was another major