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Among various types of cultures, there is a leader that possesses heroic or

leadership traits that allow that individual to bring evil to justice,become unaffected by

temptation, and decree laws that are fair and just. My leader that I believe foreshadows

these characteristics is the mythological Greek god of thunder, Zeus. Firstly, the birth of the universe came into existence by the previous rulers of the

cosmos that came to be known as the titans. The king Cronus and queen Rhea gave

birth to several children but from the fear of a potential overthrow, Cronus devours his

children to stay king. The story begins to unfold itself where a tyrannic dictator

oppresses all who oppose him and "eats his kids." After suffering 5 loses of her dear

infants, Rhea queen of the titans descends to earth to give birth to her future heroic

leader Zeus. Secondly as an adolescent, Zeus begins to show signs of a natural leader, he

knows the dilemma he faces and takes up the responsibility to free his brothers and

sister and bring balance to the universe. The god of thunder quickly gains a visionary

perspective of what he faces and travels down to tarturs (hell) to free all the monsters

the titans deemed unworthy of liberty. While gaining the trust of several allies for his

cause, Zeus was no fool, he needed the aid of his brother and sister gods by his side if

to defeat Cronus. His monumental love and care for his siblings persuade Zeus to

contact his mother for a potion that when drunk will make Cronus regurgitate the

Olympic gods. Rhea agrees and presents…