The Legality, Morality, & Social Responsibility of Paying College Athletes Essay example

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Title of Assignment: Term Paper – “Integrating Values – The Legality, Morality, and Social Responsibility of Paying College Athletes”

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This will be a shift in the way college sports are viewed and will require a symphony of changes and amendments to current laws, regulations and standards. Additionally, eEmployment laws and antitrust laws will be examined. The ethical section of the paper will employ the Utilitarian, Kantian, and Machiavellian ethics model to examine the morality of prohibiting NCAA athletes from receiving additional benefits. The social responsibility,responsibility or the lack thereof, of the NCAA will be examined. Likewise, recommendations as to how the NCAA can become more socially responsible and how it can accommodate the student as a both a student and an athletewhole. , not just as an athlete that attends a university.

I. Introduction College sports have grown to become a multi-million dollar industry. Athletes in college sports are just as competitive , if not more, as professional athletes. Some who even argue that they possess an even greater drive due to the act that they still have yet another level of play to achieve in reaching the professional arenas. because their ultimate goal is to make it to the “big league” or the “pros.” The college athlete does love the game; however, they do look forward to the big pay daypayday as well. To go “pro” means to get paid ; get paid to doing what they love to doyou do best and love to do. With millions of dollars in revenue, college athletes receive merely a