The Legalization Of Marijuana

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Proceed with the Weed Morals and politics are what make up the structure of this country, so when an issue receives mixed responses coming from two different points of view, it becomes controversial.
Many civilizations set rules and standards between what is real and what is not, as all societies declare their own idea of the real world (Erich Goode Marijuana and the Politics of Reality pg.
83). Marijuana, also known as cannabis sativa has been falsely criticized since the beginning of the century. The legalization of marijuana is a controversial subject; however, there are many positive arguments to support the idea. First of all, it is expensive to keep marijuana illegal.
Also marijuana has been proven to be less likely to create crime, it can be used as a medicine, and it is not any more harmful than most other legal substances on the market. In addition to marijuana’s positive use, ignorance keeps the public unaware of the fact that alcohol and cigarettes are far worse. The American government is simply approaching this issue poorly because the benefits of the legalization of marijuana outweigh the negative affects by far. It is difficult to understand why it is illegal. Legalizing marijuana would reduce the amount of money American law enforcement spend every year criminalizing people for marijuana possession, help the country’s ill citizens, and increase profit for the government to try and help pay off our countries huge debt by taxing the plant. The first reason why marijuana should be legalized in the United States, is to help people who are gravely sick. According to Benjamin Zablocki, “Conflicting evidence suggest that marijuana use may be associated with either positive or negative mental health. This study explores the possibility that the association of marijuana use with mental health differs among various subgroups of users. Specifically, we investigate the hypothesis that marijuana use and the personality disposition of introspectiveness interact in their effect on psychological well-being. Results support this hypothesis and show that marijuana use is associated significantly with psychological distress for highly introspective individuals. In contrast, marijuana use has no such association for those low on introspectiveness. Additional evidence shows that marijuana use involves primarily self-oriented cognitive and emotional experiences for highly introspective individuals, whereas for those low on introspectiveness it is characterized more often by perceptual distortions and sensorimotor sensations” (65). As this study shows, there can be abuse of marijuana, but it still causes no huge effects as many people obuse the drug by using it as a depressant. The main point of this article is the conflicting evidence that marijuana use may be associated with either positive or negative mental health issues. The topics covered are the association of marijuana use with mental health issues among various groups of users. The authors support is on the fence because marijuana use is associated with psychological distress for highly introspective individuals, but also marijuana use has no association for lose low on introspectiveness. Many people with cancer can greatly benefit from the use of cannabis. The on going study of health benefits for marijuana, for people who have cancer include: antiemetic, which is effective for people who have nausea, helping people who have trouble eating, numbness to pain, and helps people have a good nights sleep (National Cancer Institute 1). Cancer has become a popular and widely know disease in the past years and anyone is capable of receiving this horrible cloud over their head. Cannabis can have many positive affects and in a trail of a sublingual spray, which is used to relax blood vessels, was mixed with a cannabis mixture that helped improve the much needed quality of people's sleep (Institute10). This example of sublingual spray proves