The Lesson Analysis

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Alfred Russell
English 102
February 7, 2013

Reality Check
Reading “The Lesson” has had a profound impact on me. The symbolism rang so true to my personal life experiences and Miss Moore represents many people that I have come in contact with in my personal journey. The messages and perspectives that reading this story made me contemplate were very moving. The language used was strong but it served a purpose that awakened me to the reality of the cycle of poverty. It caused me to put my view of morality in check. The characters in this story and their reactions made me contemplate the disparity that one’s environment and limited exposure can have on shaping the journey of life. The boundaries and hurdles, real or imagined exist due to circumstances of birth. Economic status is a barrier that can be changed by exposure and a deep desire to embrace the possibility of change, the existence of hope, and a life not yet experienced. Miss Moore’s summer excursions though they were a way of escape for the parents in the story were seeds of hope for the children. I have therefore chosen to focus on Miss Moore. She is the only person in this story who actually wants to help these kids and show them there is a better way of life out there for them. I will examine her motives, her methods, and the subtle implications of her message of hope.
To understand a person’s true intent or purpose requires that we examine their motives. What are the underlying principles or desires that make them push through obstacles to accomplish their objectives. Miss Moore is clearly motivated by a strong sense of personal responsibility. The fact that she has a college degree has led to a desire for her to reach back and help encourage others to expand their horizons. In “The Lesson.”
Miss Moore has inspired me to reach back to my community when I get a little older. Her motives in this piece are very good and inspiring to anyone who reads this story. She teaches the kids there is a way out of pottery. Just because you’re poor doesn’t mean you have to stay like that the rest of your life. The fact that there parents allow them to go on countless trips with this lady shows they want a better life for their children that they can’t give them right now. Miss Moore showcases her naturel beauty by not wearing make-up and keeps her hair naturel. She is a black lady who always dresses for success. Miss Moore wants to show these kids that there is a better life how here for you. She has a college degree and she feels it’s her duty as an educated black woman that she has to get these kids exposed