The Importance Of Child Abuse And Neglect

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It is with great sadness and huge concern that I am forced to come forth with my cries of help. Abuse and neglect are presented in numerous ways, and in today’s society it seems that such hideous crimes metastasize like wildfire. Our children are most precious and no price could be placed on their welfare. They are innocent bystanders who at times fall prey to parasites whose only concern is to demolish and destroy. Why should an innocent child be placed under circumstances; which the only thing he/she can gain is suffering and heartache? To diminish the innocence of a child is a cruel crime. But worst of all is realizing that this could be prevented.

I’m pleading and extending my voice to you, please investigate the residence located There are children living inside this house been exposed to countless inhumane conditions. Case in point, the smell of marihuana and animal feces is so strong that it can be smelled from the outside of the home. There are rats and raccoons that roam in and about the property. The yelling and screeching sounds of people who appear to be fornicating can be heard clearly in the still of the night. Young ladies, strangers to the area, dressed with the bare minimal make their way in and out of the house at all hours of the day. While on weekends some type of construction has been taken place. The house appears that it has been transformed into a motel. These illegal structures are now housing some of the most intimidating immigrants