The Lewis Blackman's Short Story

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The Lewis Blackman story is heartbreaking, yet his mother is courageous and generous by sharing their story and allowing us an opportunity to learn from the mistakes made which resulted in her son’s death. The sharing of this story provides the needed information to address the QSEN’s safety competency with the “analyzing of errors and designing system improvement” that will occur when others here the Lewis Blackman story (QSEN, 2017).
When Lewis Blackman’s parents voiced concern and asked repeatedly for the nurse to contact the attending physician, the nurse should have listened to them. “When patients and their families are treated as members of the care team, they can become safety allies, thus preventing medical errors” (Sherwood & Zomorodi, 2014, p. 17). Listening to the parents is an example of patient centered care, which is one of the quality and safety competencies (QSEN, 2017). Maybe the nurses didn’t feel
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In my project I intend to provide patient-centered care with the community I will be working with. According to Sherwood and Zomorodi patient- centered care provides, “care based on needs and preferences, being culturally aware and using effective and interpersonal communication skills” (2014, p. 18). The QSEN teamwork and collaboration will be useful in my project as I interview the graduate students attempting to implement a food shelf on campus. Teamwork occurs when I meet with the representative from Second Harvest Food Bank and others to discuss the best ways to treat students with food insecurity on campus. The QSEN quality competency occurs by identifying strategies that when implemented, will reveal a decrease in the amount of students reporting food insecurity. The QSEN evidenced- based practice quality has already been addressed with the review of current literature and best practices identified in dealing with lack of food in this