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DECEMBER 14, 2013

The Walden Library

The importance with scholar-practitioner, of peer-review of scholarly journals is that the reviews have been examined by professionals within that particular area of study. An example of this is The American Psychological Association in which they have great journals. Peer- reviewed journals are held at a higher standard than others are, and show much credibility. Without peer reviewed journals, researchers would lack the accountability and scholar-practitioners would not have access to the accurate, detailed information that they need.

The two articles that I downloaded are both peer-viewed and I can say that for the reason that when I did my research I first made sure I only searched in the library and online for ones that had been peer-reviewed, and I went through the article and checked for the five ways to tell that the article was peer-reviewed (scholarly). I checked the author and made sure it was someone such as a professor, I made sure that they were written with terminology, they had references and works cited, abstract is very common in peer-reviewed articles, and last graphics and or charts which most contain at least one.
The importance in my area which I choose articles on Reactive Attachment Disorder and in any area is that peer-reviewed journals require detailed information on the methods of their research