The Life And Crimes Of Harry Lavender Analysis

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at times, is a glowing travel brochure of Sydney juxtaposed with the seamy underworld and crime.

Day’s stylistic devices are the primary and expected narrative, which focuses on the death and subsequent investigation of Mark Bannister, by the detective. The other stylistic device and secondary narrative is a segmented view of the biography – The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender –

terminal illness” Mark Bannister died at his computer terminal because of his heart problems
Claudia in the dockyard container terminal.

Valentine – associated with Valentine’s Day; sweetness, femininity, love. This is in direct contrast to ‘hard boiled’ private detective and feminism.

female hero who is not used by nor exploits men. She does not carry a gun and relies on her physical fitness, her fast paced, witty dialogue and shrewd actions to outsmart her adversaries.

All texts, regardless of form or composer, inherently present different voices in their composition

Purpose: What is the reason for the composer writing the text?
Argument: What point of view is the composer promoting in order to persuade the reader?
Persona: Is the personality of the composer clearly definable in the text? Consider how the personality, through the distinctive voice of character/s, is used to better convince the responder of the point of view or argument.
Audience: Who is the intended audience for the text?
Assumptions: Has the composer made assumptions