Essay on The Life and Death of Jared French

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Sha’Marcus Alford
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Art Appreciation
March 29, 2015
Jared French jared French was born in 1905 and he died in 1988.
At Amherst College in 1926, French

met artist Paul Cadmus, who was briefly his lover and who became a life­long friend. After

leaving Amherst, French took a job on Wall Street and then toured Europe with Cadmus between
1931 and 1933.
Jared French's life is nearly as obscure as his paintings. he had a wife named margret and a close friend by the name of Paul Cadmus. In 1943 is when he started doing pencil drawing examinations and interpretations. Rodney Egdecombe said “which presents a kore­like woman in the right­hand foreground against a night sky and a smaller male figure in the sunlit left­hand zone of the composition. Behind the sleeve that falls from his hieratically raised left hand is a triad of faces, his own again and that of a male (on his left) and a woman (on his right).
Since the male is bald and white­bearded, and wearing a robe inscribed with a quasi­runic pattern
(traditional features of a magician), and since he is placed in the luminous zone of the composition, he would seem to represent the principle of wisdom, forming a stable triangular pattern with male and female, and sanctifying that stability with his right hand poised in benediction.” In 1951 a genre scene in which two males are shown sharing a bathroom "Enjoyed your two wooden puppets and still more your two human ones. Rather wish the two compositions could have been reversed­­the wooden puppets showing ... and the ... But it wouldn't have done." said foster. in 1954 he made a painting by the name of tempera on gesso.
This painting depicts a scene in a swimming pool with three naked young men attached through controlling ropes to older ones­­an allegory, most likely, for one kind of homosexual relationship. everyone liked that painting but then the started to