The Life Of DNA

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If the DNA in a cell contains the information to the entire organism, but uses only that portion of the information that is required for its life's purpose and and we know that only a small percentage of the brain is used by humans would it be possible that each human being also contains all the information of the entire organism of which it is a part. This is a question I've pondered over for at least a day and a half well we do you know that quantum physics tells us that at any point in time all possibilities exist and once you focus on one the rest drops out of existence. if we could tap into information housed by the brain as DNA does the cell possibilities would be endless but first we must understand what DNA is and does. the ancient scripture of our genetic code that's written in a language that all life can read. DNA is a molecule shaped are like a long twisted ladder or a double helix. The Rolls of the latter are made out of four different kinds of smaller molecules these are the letters of the genetic alphabet the particular arrangement of the letters spell out the instructions for all living things telling them how to grow, move, digest, sense the environment heal and reproduce the DNA double helix is a molecular machine made of hundred billion parts called atoms there is many atoms in a single molecule of DNA as there are stars in the galaxy. when a living cell divides into two each one takes a complete copy of the DNA. There are about 37 trillion cell in an adult human body. now with the information that you now know about DNA and cell how can this information related to the brain and the body? much like DNA the brain has stored information about the body some we know and some is still a mystery. so how deep do we want to go here are we talking about remembering something that we put away last week and just can't for the life of us remember or are we talking about the subconscious level of cognitive thinking either way we're still using way more than a small percentage of our brain most of the time that 10 percent that you heard about that's just a myth.. so you need more proof ok just for fun let's say hypothetically that you want to find your keys and just don't remember where you put them well there's this thing called RAS. the reticular activating system it's actually in the brain stem. RAS is this set of nuclei in the brain of vertebrates it is responsible for regulating arousal and sleep wake transition RAS also consists of evolutionary areas of the brain which are crucial to survival and protection during adverse periods. As as a result, the rest you don't function during an inhibitory of hypnosis. RAS role is like a gatekeeper it screens out most of the information of incoming data from