The Life Of Death

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“Wake up!” my mom screamed for the fifth time.
“Okay, Okay, I’m up!” I snapped at her. Didn’t she know when to give up? Screaming at me is not going to get me to wake up. But I knew what was today was. The day of my father’s execution. I dreaded it, worse than my brother Jacob’s execution. I opened my eyes to the familiar black and white scene I saw everyday when I woke up.
Shaking was the only thing I was doing.I slipped the white dress over my head and walked to the door opposite my bed. My toes rubbed against the carpet.
“ Blake, get over here!” my mom screamed. She had turned into an unknown creature ever since my father and brother got a letter saying that they were to be killed. I picked up the letter from my desk and read over it again. It said:

Nicolas Hower,
We now what you are working on. You shall be put to death on May 4, 2012. Do not try running. We have been tracking you since you missed your job for your sector.

The Government

My hand started shaking as a single tear fell onto the page. The ink started blurring as well as my eyes did with tears. This world is just too cruel.. What did Dad do to deserve this, and John ? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were killed because Father missed a day of work. My friends Minny and Jay’s father was killed because he missed a day of work because he had the flu.
“ Blake , please come here, we have to go.” my mother said more nicely, I guess because she realized that this was the last time I would see Dad.
“I’m coming, Mom. Just give me one second.” I said rushing to the bathroom to wipe away the tears. I looked in the mirror and saw a totally different person. This was not me. This was the girl that I had to be for the rest of my life. Speeding out the door I ran into my dad. I hugged him and cried into his chest.
“But...I....don’t want..... you to...leave” I got in between sobs. He patted my head.
“I know I don’t either, but there is nothing we can do about it.” he said. “Now pull yourself together.”
“I sorry for ruining your shirt.” i sniffled.
“It’s fine Blake.” he chuckled.
“How can you act like that father? You are going to be dead in less than half an hour?” I kept sniffing. Why did he act like everything was alright? When my brother Dave was killed yesterday and he didn’t act like this. My brother was lifeless thing , a frown set on his face.
“I have my ways” he winked. What did that mean?
“ It’s time” I mumbled. We erased the expressions form our faces and marched outside. Right in front of the sidewalk was a limousine, probably sent by the officials. It shone and sparkled, unlike many things here. They shoved us into the limousine, slammed the door and sped off. The seats were made of leather, and they reflected everything around them. We sat in silence, except for the sound of the engine. Soon we were there and it was time to say our final goodbyes. I hugged my dad tightly, this was the last time I would get to see him. I started dry sobbing and he just hugged back. We just stood there, hugging until the official had to pry me off of him.
“Move. Find your seats,” the guard ordered me and my mother.
“Come on,” my mother said soothingly. We shuffled around trying find our box. Ours was the worst. We had sat right in the front so we could see my father die. I quickly erased the thought in my head .
“You have been called here today to witness the murder of Nicolas Hower,” President Keen said.
“ He is convicted of trying to make a teleporting machine. Which planet he was going to try to escape to, I do not know,” he droned on. If Dad was trying to make a teleporting machine, wouldn’t they remove it from our house? Maybe they couldn’t find it.
“Please bring out the prisoner.” as he said those words, it felt as though my heart was in my throat. Dad was going to die. There was no way he could escape this. But after a while they still couldn’t find Dad. “Where is he?” the president hissed. “Well, where is