The Life of Joseph-Louis LaGrange Essay

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The Life of Joseph-Louis

Table of Contents
● The Life of LaGrange
● Mathematical Discoveries
● Contributions to Society

The life of LaGrange

Born: 25 January 1736

Died: 10 April 1813 in Paris, France

Turin, Sardinia-Piedmont

An Anecdotal about LaGrange
Joseph Louis Lagrange, the greatest mathematician of the eighteenth century, was born at Turin on January 25,
1736, and died at Paris on April 10, 1813. His father, who had charge of the Sardinian military chest, was of good social position and wealthy, but before his son grew up he had lost most of his property in speculations, and young Lagrange had to rely for his position on his own abilities. He was educated at the college of Turin, but it was not until he was seventeen that he shewed any taste for mathematics - his interest in the subject being first excited by a memoir by Halley across which he came by accident. Alone and unaided he threw himself into mathematical studies; at the end of a year's incessant toil he was already an accomplished mathematician, and was made a lecturer in the artillery school.

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Math Discoveries

Lagrange's theorem (group theory)
LaGrange’s theorem (number theory)
LaGrange’s four-square, which states that every integer can be expressed as the sum of four square integers
Mean value theorem in Calculus
The lagrange inversion theorem
The Lagrange reversion theorem
The method of Lagrangian multipliers for mathematical optimization


his contribution to the the metric system and