The Life Of Kohanim

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In the days of the Temple in Jerusalem, Kohanim were priests responsible for worship ceremonies, such as leading services, offering sacrifices, burning incense and more. The High Priest, called HaKohen HaGadol, was the head of all the priests. He performed services in the Temple on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year. And he was the only person allowed to enter the Holy of Holies, the holiest place in the Temple.

Today a Jew is considered a Kohen if he is a descendent of the first priest Aaron. Today's Kohanim have a number of privileges and obligations within Jewish practice. They recite the Priestly Blessing during some worship services, and they are first to be called up to read from the Torah.

One of the religious leaders of Jesus day was, Herod. By the first century the election of the High Priest was more political than religious. The Romans wanted the priesthood to support their jobs, and the Herods made sure to give them that. However, it would be unfair to choose all of the priesthood as sympathetic to Rome. Some did support rebellion against Rome, but those at the highest levels were against this.

The priesthood lived in luxury more then the average man did. They supported their lavish lifestyles with a temple tax which every Jew was required to pay. The temple taxes combined with taxes forced by Herod and Rome were threatening the population of the Jewish people.

The priesthood was jealous of Jesus’ popularity, but their main goal for…