Essay about The Life of Obesity

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English 12

Yvette Del La Vega

November 2013

The America of Obesity

America the beautiful is what we call our country. Since then we have been letting ourselves go. We have been feeding fat, greasy, and unhealthy to our family and ourselves. Eating these unhealthy types of food and sugary drinks is leading our country into obesity. Kids are being to develop diabetes. For them to start at such a young age, it can lead to more dangerous diseases. Especially, if they continue the eating habits that they have. The adults are growing fatter, the children are developing health problems, and our nation is dying faster. Now adults are getting fatter and fatter as they keep eating all these fast food chain restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After they are done eating these unhealthy foods, they just sit there. These adults will not get up and go walk of the meal they just ate or even exercise. They just sit in the same spot. For them to sit there and not let the body digests the food, the food they ate turns into fat. The fatter content they consume the more likely they will gain more weight that will cause more health problems for them. The more soda participants consumed daily, the greater the likelihood that they will become obese or overweight. The portions we see people consume in today’s society is not the same as it was back then. Some of those size portions are not even offered anymore in some fast food chain restaurant. We are so use to bigger size and portions that the small amounts do not fulfill our needs, so we end up choosing the larger size. They are now offering bigger snacks and larger drinks in vending machines! With this type of product growth, our nation is dying of obesity. With this type of productivity, kids these days do not know what is a healthy portion or what a healthy meal is! They watch what the adults eat and they think its okay for them to eat the same amount too. They look up to adults because what we do they think its right, and they copy it or imitate it. So when they see adults with large drinks, they’ll want a large too. We should be the ones to blame when we eat this kind of food. Adults feel like when they get the small portions at fast food places that they wont be full or fulfilled so they purchase the larger portions. Then children are developing more and more health problems as they keep eating these unhealthy foods. They are not eating right and not exercising. They are not having enough access to fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy meals at school. All the meals they are being eating have been processed and frozen. When its time for them to eat, the meal is heated up and then served to them. To serve them that type of food, how do we know that body will digest the food and turn it into something nutritious for the body to absorb? Most of the time we don’t even see the kids eat the meals at school so they get hungry and when they get home, they eat every snack they can until dinner is ready. Half of the time the kids would reach for something with more fat in it then something healthy and nutritious. With the food choice they are picking, some don’t know what’s healthy alternative snack. When