The Life Of Smartphones

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Smart Life Within Smartphone
After Smartphones have been invented, many people started using them and they were satisfied with the major features in smartphones. Nowadays, smartphones become more intelligence and fast, so more than 163 millions of the US people use smartphones in the present days ( The most users are college students and teenagers. We can observe many students using smartphones; on streets, in restaurants, and in more places. Moreover, they are using them when they are driving vehicles. This is very dangerous behavior because it leads into car accidents; no matter whom they are crashed or damaged, using smartphones while driving causes big accidents. In my experience, I had a car accident because I used smartphone while I was driving. At that time, I was very lucky to survive, but I realized that smartphones could lead us killing someone by accident. The similar causes and numerous accidents are caused by sending messages or texting. While people try to send messages, they never look ahead; it leads to car accidents. In this result, teenagers and young drivers should stop sending messages or texting while driving.
The most teenagers and young people like to use smartphones to communicate with friends using texting and Social Network Service, but they still use smartphones in their vehicles; it is dangerous. The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) estimates that 25% of car accidents occur because drivers are sending messages or texting while driving. According to the article, published by Mobile Networks & Applications, people who use smartphones are killing themselves (93). This quotation simply means that smartphone actually kills us mentally and physically. People drive and text lead us into car crashes or major vehicle accidents. In the article,, they announced that 27% of teenagers died because of drunk driving. More importantly, 30% of teenagers died as a result of texting on the phone while driving. This result shows that there are 23 times more likely to have numerous accidents if people text while driving (Victor). There is a significant question about texting while driving that why GHSA didn’t arrest them? Because there are a lot of people doing this action while driving and they don’t recognize that is very dangerous action.
The government made many solutions such as paying penalties or forcing people to turn off their phone while driving, but I like to suggest another way that is using application and tools. Students are well users using new features, so they should download and set up smartphone tools for safety driving like driving applications, Bluetooth headphones, or other kits. Many companies already introduced useful applications that can use while driving. For example, Siri, which is a built-in "Artificial Intelligent assistant" that enable users of Apple smartphones and later and newer iPad and iPod Touch devices to speak natural language voice commands in order to operate the mobile device and its applications helps people to read messages while driving and it can send message with voice commands ( In addition, T-Mobile has recently started offering a service called DriveSmart, which sends incoming calls directly to voicemail and sends canned responses to incoming text messages when the phone is in a moving vehicle (Zeman). If there are calling from someone else, we can use Bluetooth headphones. While we use these features or tools, we can drive while looking straight and not looking down on your phone.
Another solution for driving safely is turning off phones while driving but this is merely not possible because GHSA already tried to stop people using smartphone while driving and they failed. Many teenagers or young drivers do not listen carefully to what the government said. Moreover, while driving, there could be some situation that calling from an important calls from the work, school, or others. For example of a situation where